Superannuation Advice

Australian Super

Every working Australian has a superannuation fund. The Australian structure of superannuation is one of the best designed and most tax effective in the world. Superannuation offers the best option for working Australians to save for their retirement.

Tony will review your existing superannuation arrangements and advise on the best options to maximise your retirement outcome. The review will cover the existence or requirement for Death and T.P.D. cover, investment options, administration costs, death benefit nominations and estate planning.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Tony has specialised in Self Managed Superannuation Funds for more than twenty years. The service offered is twofold...

  • Establishing a Self Managed
    Tony will guide you through the appropriate steps to establish your own Fund. Once established Tony brings his extensive experience to bear to develop your Fund’s investment strategy, to action the plan and review and monitor where necessary.
  • A review of your existing S.M.S.F.
    Tony will conduct an objective review of your existing Fund, the Trust Deed, compliance issues, administration costs and a review of your investment strategy.

Developing superannuation assets is a long term partnership and you need someone in your corner who understands and listens.

Financial Planning Advice

Quality Advice

Are you a hard working Australian on a good salary and have the recent restrictions on concessional superannuation contributions made you question how to create wealth outside superannuation?

It is now possible to build a diverse portfolio in almost every asset class using a share trading account established through Tony’s office. You are now able to access the following asset classes via this account...

  • Direct Australian Shares.
  • Listed Property Securities.
  • ASX 200 via an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)
  • International Share – via E.T.F.
  • Australian Fixed Interest.

You can contribute lump sums, monthly contributions and you could add gearing, either via a loan advance against your property, or via a margin loan. You can also add a portfolio reporting service, so you in effect, you become your own fund manager.

In the near future wholesale managed funds will be able to be added under changes to the ASX Listing Rules.

For high income earners, superannuation offers the most tax effective investment option, but of course it is locked away. Next best is a geared portfolio, with tax deduction claimed for the interest and the ability to liquidate with settlement in three days.